This place was wonderful, my daughter and I had such a good experience! Dr. Nguyen was knowledgable, informative, gentle with injection, sweet and kind personality, and the pain was almost non-existent. The staff was friendly, the office was VERY clean and in a great location, and the pricing was very reasonable.

I would recommend her to anyone! Love it!
Mrs. B.

I had the best experience at Forum Family Dental, located at the Forum in La Costa.
The office was very clean, equipped with the latest technology and dental equipment. The staff was very professional, accommodating and skilled. You can even watch Netflix from a flatscreen TV up above the dental chair. Very affordable! I highly recommend!
Carly L.

I've been through the mill looking for a knowlegable, professional and honest dentist for myself and my family. I have to say that i'm impressed with Dr. Nguyen and her practice. I was leary because of the intro cleaning exam price of $39. and was bracing myself for the worst. I was so happy that it wasn't the experience I had anticipated. She took her time with my cleaning, explained all of my "issues" clearly and didn't try to push or sell me on anything. I'll be back!
Susan B.

First, let me preface this with "My dad was a Naval Dentist"..............

I was so impressed on my first visit, I HAD to write a stellar comment on Dr. Nguyen's practice:

I have NEVER had a better "dental experience"!! IN MY LIFE! Dr. Nguyen actually EXPLAINED IN GREAT DETAIL what my "problem dental areas' were and addressed them very professionally WITHOUT JUDGMENT!

At this age, I felt that some prior dentists had an "admonishing tone" about my "not flossing enough".

I didn't have to hear that from Dr. Nguyen~she walked me step by step through the entire treatment schedule, and took the TIME to explain my bill, which I have usually had to "go home and learn how to read hieroglyphics". Not so with Dr. Tania, she explained EVERYTHING in detail and I felt SO comfortable actually "looking forward to my next visit"!.............

What was the last time you went to a dentist to whom you wanted to make a return trip?

Dr. Nguyen's staff is also very personable and professional, making the visit just that much less "stressful" overall. I am very happy with my treatment and would recommend Dr. Tania Nguyen to any of my friends/colleagues/associates in the future for their dental needs.
Chris Q.

A great Dental office, friendly efficient staff, and straightforward informative care. Clear concise presentation of charges and out of pocket costs. Forum Family Dental is a great choice for anyone in the area!
Anthony J.

What a great practice Dr. Nguyen has! I had a cleaning & x-ray with the coupon in a neighborhood mailer. I would have been a bit skeptical but one of my peers mentioned their family went to Dr. Nguyen and had a great experience. I also took a elderly friend that needed a cleaning and tooth pulled. Dr. Nguyen takes time to explain everything, answers questions and makes you comfortable. Dr. Nguyen's front office person, Lisa has been wonderful. Lisa has called to check on my friend, helped him get out to his car and gone above and beyond. This is a great practice and one that I truly want to see grow with their community!
Lynn H.

Best dental place I have been to. Dr. Nguyen is very caring, professional and affordable. The staff are awesome and friendly, the place is very clean. Highly recommended.
Ali S.

I wanted to write a follow up review to my negative review that I wrote in the past. I had terrible pain after a cavity was filled and I was reassured that it would just take time to go away. Due to the severity of pain, I wrote a negative review but, I also believe it is important to correct that if later you realize the doctors were correct. Just as Dr. Nguyen said, it just took time. My tooth is fine now and I also did do my homework and I discovered that my husband and I do need the treatment that was suggested and I also learned that the Forum Family Dental prices are much more affordable. I will go back for the additional treatment that I need. They were very attentive and concerned that I was ok and that is comforting.
Michelle L.

Forum Family Dental is exceptional. My wife, son and I have been extremely impressed with Dr. Tanya Nguyen and her wonderful staff: all her dental assistants and her front office admin, Lisa. All are true professionals and warm, caring people.
Dr. Nguyen is very knowledgeable about the latest in dentistry and takes the time to explain things in understandable terms. She places the patient's needs above all other considerations and works with other professionals on behalf of her customers. We highly recommend Forum Family Dental.
Ted U.

Dr. Nguyen and her staff are great. I have had two crowns put in by Dr. Nguyen and my husband has had one crown and we were both pleasantly surprised by the service, professionalism, cleanliness of the office and the follow through from her staff. We have insurance with Delta Dental and the dentists we had in the past were not nearly as good as Dr. Nguyen and this office. The only downside is a cleaning exam takes a while to get but trust me this office is worth the wait! Dr. Nguyen is reasonably priced and we feel like we totally trust her word when we need dental work. In fact I got a second opinion when I first went to her office and the second doctor told me that I needed two crowns exactly where she said I needed them.
Trish H.

Our family was very impressed with our first visits to Dr. Nguyen. We switched to her because we were dissatisfied with our former dentist, a friend recommended her, and she participates in the Costco/Delta insurance program. What an improvement! She follows a process which is different than any of our previous dentists. After taking an extensive set of X-rays, her assistant polishes and flosses your teeth. Then Dr. Nguyen herself cleans your teeth while performing a thorough exam, charting the results on the computer. This process seems to reduce the cleaning time and provide a more detailed exam. My previous dentist spent about a minute after his hygienist was done. Dr. Nguyen found several problems which he missed. We feel like we're getting better care at lower cost. Highly recommended.
Elliott L.

Like other reviewers here, I also found this dental practice through a cleaning promotion. I didn't expect much because of the low cost, but I was amazingly surprised. Not only did I get really good service (cleaning, x-rays, and exam), but all of the office staff were professional, considerate and kind. I have since gone on to get additional work done with Dr. Nguyen. My new bridge was spot on. Their measuring was so accurate that the final bridge needed no adjustments. With a mouthful of prior caps I've never had such precise work. Also, the prices are great. In all, the work is the best I've had in a very long time. My whole family is now going to this dental practice as well. This place is a real find.
Helen U.

Excellent dentist! Extremely kind and highly professional.
Aracely M.

Very friendly dentist and staff....Also love the convenience of being in the Forum so accommodate other shopping.
Amanda L.

The care that I, my husband and 4 year old daughter get at Family Forum Dentistry is second to none. Dr Ngyuen is very detailed and quality oriented. In my past I dreaded getting shots at the Dentist. I hardly feel the shots when Dr Ngyuen gives me shots to numb up my mouth! Dr Ngyuen listens to you and she is very knowledgeable, and has a great staff. We do recommended this dentist.

Family Forum Dentistry is conveniently located in south Carlsbad in a shopping. Family Forum Dentistry even has some Saturday hours available for those whose schedule makes it hard to get to the dentist during the M-F work week!
Silvana M.

Forum Family Dental is excellent. Dr. Tanya Nguyen is personable and caring. She is very thorough and explains the process of treatment. Her staff is very helpful and follow up after treatment to make sure all is well. The office is warm and relaxing and in a good location. This is a high quality dental practice. I highly recommend Forum Family Dental.
John W.

I'm a big supporter as well.

Dr. Nguyen appears to me to be highly professional, sharp as a tack, well organized, and a tireless worker when it comes to communicating with and making her patients feel comfortable. Nice facility, great support staff. And she's doesn't skimp on the novacaine, a necessity for me!
Michael V.

Great good needle and fast fillings. Good experience, been there twice ! CK
Christopher K.

Best dental experience I have had in a very long time!!!! Without a doubt.
Previous horrible dental experiences scarred me. But I am regaining my trust since I have seen Dr. Nguyen, not to mention she has very gentle hands too.

The entire office staff is wonderful as well, very friendly, very caring.

Reasonably priced too!!! Highly recommended.
Alexis B.

Dr. Tania Nguyen and the staff at Forum Family Dental are great! I just received an initial exam, cleaning and X-Rays for practically nothing: $39.00. Normally a deal like this is too good to be true with varying quality, not the case this time. Legit.

My experience was extremely positive Dr. Nguyen. I have no problem giving Forum Family Dental 5 stars.
Mike O.

I recently took advantage of an introductory offer for this office. It was a great find! I had several items of work done there (cleaning, filling & veneers). Using the most modern equipment Dr. Nguyen performs excellent work at reasonable prices. She and her staff went out of their way to assure that I was comfortable throughout my visit & even afterwards. I highly recommend this dentist; I'm sure you'll be as pleased as I was with the results.
Bob R.

I am a dentist that moved from La Jolla to La Costa. I fractured m anterior porcelain crown in the late afternoon. Looked horrible. Dr. Nguyen got me right in and did a temporary porcelain veneer repair. It looked great. I was able to go out dancing that night and didn't have to hold my hand over my mouth in embarrassment. She was gentle, kind, courteous AND excellent. From one dentist about another dentist...I would highly recommend!
Michael B.

I thought this was supposed to be random. But, somehow two of my positive reviews on Yelp about Forum Family Dental have been filtered by Yelp so I asked Dr. Nguyen to put on her website.
I have been visiting this office regularly for the last two years. Doctor Tania Nguyen and her team have been consistently fantastic in every way and it is always a pleasure to visit this office. I appreciate the time that Dr. Nguyen takes to talk through my dental needs and provides sound advice. When I have had dental emergency, they have repeatedly fit me in for last minute appointments and followed up to check on my progress. The staff is friendly and helpful. Completely compassionate to my unique needs and they worked hard to help address my issues. I'm sure they treat all their patients this way.
This practice is world class... Highly recommended!
Ahmad K.

I had a good experience and recommend Dr. Tania Nguyen, is one of the most gentle Dentist I have been to in a long time. The receptionist was excellent and very helpful.
Keep up the good work.
Amy B.

Had a wonderful time visiting this office recently. A definite return for me and my family. Thought I could share my wonderful experience I just had. Thought the negative comments on Yelp did no justice. Saw this before I came in too but really has nothing but high praises for Dr Ngyuen and her fantastic team.
Kimberly D.

I'm a perfectionist and so is Dr. Nguyen. I've tried many dentists throughout the years, and I have never experience a more caring dentist who knows her trade more then Dr. Nguyen. If you want totally fair prices and the best work, Family Forum Dental is without a doubt the best dental practice in the area. I had Dr. Nguyen do my veneers, and they came out perfect!
Chris L.

I finally found the kind of dentist I can trust! For years I have been looking for a dentist who would care for me and my dental needs like she was a member of my family, and I'm happy to say I have finally found her at Forum Family Dental in Carlsbad. When I was young, I was spoiled by a dentist who really cared for my teeth like she was a member of my family, lucky me, I found her again in Dr. Nguyen at Forum Family Dental! If you're like me, and looking for a dentist who has your best interest at heart, who will really care for you and what's really best for you, relax, you found her at Forum Family Dental, Dr. Nguyen ! Lucky me! Lucky you!
Hugh T.

Dr. Nguyen is a fantastic dentist. Her staff is great, too. I've had 10 crowns replaced by her recently and am very pleased with how they look and feel. She is very meticulous about her work and if things are not up to your expectations, she will fix it. I had a crown come back the wrong color and she would not put it in. She sent it back to the lab to have it done right. Another crown did not meet her standard for proper margin alignment and she had that one redone also. I was very happy with her assistant (Hamir?) and Lisa at the front desk is super pleasant and calls to remind you of appointments in case you forget.
I'm glad to have found Forum Family Dental. Plus it's only 5 minutes from home!
Debra M.

I just had another appointment with Dr. Nguyen yesterday and have to say I am surprised by the negative reviews. I have been a patient there for almost 2 years and have never had a bad experience. I have actually had the opposite experience. She is by far the most thorough and hands on dentist I have ever been to, she even does her own cleanings.

Yesterday she was replacing a filling I've had for years that had fallen out. This is the 3rd filling she's had to replace (none of which she had originally done) due to them straight up coming out when i have flossed. I asked her about it and she explained that I clench and bite so much I am literally cracking the fillings and pulling them out when I floss so she fitted me for a mouth guard. She also called me a few hours after replacing one with a crown due to the previous filling being like half of a tooth and just wanted to check in to see how the new crown was feeling. She didn't have her assistant or secretary call me, she called me. That is patient care! She has also always asked me during my treatments if I'm doing okay or if I need to take a break because my jaw pops during treatments. She also has always asked how my bite is after and will make any adjustments needed to make sure my bite is perfect. When I made the appointment I told Lisa I had to be somewhere (a Yelp event coincidentally!) at 6 and needed to be out of there by 5:30 and Dr. Nguyen did everything she could to make that happen. I was literally out the door at 5:30, once again that is patient care! I can't imagine Lisa being rude, I've dealt with her numerous times and she has been nothing but helpful and accommodating to my schedule, and the same every time I've seen her in person. There was a new assistant there yesterday that I think is great, she said it was only her second day and I think she did a great job! I actually think she did a much better job than the other assistants I have seen there.

Also, in no way do I feel like they try to up-sell services. In fact, my dental insurance has a maximum payout per year and on my first visit where i needed several fillings and a crown she made a list and prioritized what needed to be done first and told me I could hold off on the others until the next year so I didn't exceed that amount.

Clearly you can't please everyone and I'm sure people have had bad experiences BUT I also know the majority of people who take the time to write reviews are doing so because they have had a bad experience and that's not indicative of their patients' experiences overall. That is one of the reasons I am taking the time to write this, because I think there should be a fair representation from their patients.
Michelle H.

I came here for a second opinion, and I'm really glad that I did. My previous dentist had told me that I needed to get a crown and that I also had gum disease (which I've received expensive treatment for). Dr. Nguyen informed me that I didn't. That was a huge relief. She also was able to find a tooth that was in bad condition that the other dentist didn't even notice (it had a cavity). Her staff was so professional and friendly, I was extremely impressed. Dr. Nguyen took so much time going over the details of the X-ray and personally showed me the details of my teeth so I could understand what was going on. I feel fortunate that I found a dentist that I can trust. I highly recommend Forum Family overall great experience.
Jeannine M.

I had pretty low expectations, as our dental insurance changed to HMO and they were basically the only dentists nearby that took it.

Happy to say, our expectations have been exceeded over the past 2 years of going there. They have seen my whole family, including two young kids, and are quick, easy and friendly. I find them to be very convenient and the process of exams, cleaning, etc. is generally painless.
They initially seemed a little more "hard sell" (as HMO dentists sometimes can be) on getting additional procedures but it feels like they've backed off that a little bit, for which I'm thankful.
Only other complaint is that the elevator music they play is excruciating...almost worst than the dental treatment itself! Wish they would put on something more upbeat.
Appointments can be hard to schedule, but if you call early enough you should be fine. Overall, a very positive experience with Forum Family Dental.
Cynthia D.

I was a patient of Dr. Nguyen for over a year and was very satisfied with the service I received at Forum Family Dental. They have always been easy to deal with and have always been able to fit me in for an appointment, even on short notice. Furthermore, Dr. Nguyen gives it to you straight when evaluating your teeth and never recommends unnecessary procedures or fillings. I wish I could keep Dr. Nguyen as my dentist, but I moved to Northern California and I'm still searching for a dental group as professional and caring as Forum Family Dental.
Leo M.